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3 reasons why massage chairs are popular on Tet

Massage chairs are increasingly favored by Vietnamese thanks to bringing many good health benefits, practical when choosing to be a gift for parents.
End of the year is the time when the number of users choose to buy massage chairs soared. According to Mr. Manh Hung, managing a specialized massage chair shop on Xa Dan Street (Hanoi), the days of approaching Tet, his shop welcomed dozens of visitors every day. Most of them are customers over 30 years of age to buy as gifts for the birth of Tet, some people even bring old parents to experience to choose a comfortable and comfortable chair model.

Over the past few days, the need to search for massage chairs related to google such as: full body massage chair, massage chair … increased to 80%, the market of massage chair was extremely exciting during Tet holiday due to the need for gifts and donations. health gifts soar.

Mr. Manh Hung also added that popular massage chairs cost 30-40 million VND, while high-class massage chairs cost up to VND 100 million to nearly VND 200 million to business customers. It is more sprawling than the news. On average, each customer spends up to 1.5 hours to learn the features, relax and massage products at the store before deciding to buy.

Explaining the attraction of this “expensive New Year gift”, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh – General Director of Maxcare Vietnam, a distributor of 2 brands of massage chairs Maxcare and Inada (Japan) said, more than a whole Body massage massage chair, this is a health-friendly “medical chair” medical device that is verified by the world. In addition, there are other contemporary reasons such as the Japanese-style life trend that landed in Vietnam, changing the behavior of the Y and Z generations …

Health and massage massage chairs have many benefits for life

Studies over the past 100 years show that massage chairs bring more than 10 health benefits. In addition to pain relief, dispel stress, prevent osteoarthritis, this wonderful chair also helps increase blood circulation to prevent cardiovascular disease, enhance air circulation in the lungs, promote immunity, improve muscle strength corn and sleep quality …

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