About us

Love Care, a manufacturer and importer of high quality Pharmaceuticals and Functional Foods.

In the current competitive market situation, pharmaceuticals, functional foods are introduced and widely sold in pharmacies, supermarkets, the demand for a manufacturer and distributor is Reliable, reliable, flexible, with reasonable price is a legitimate requirement. Love Care meets all these requirements.

Love Care is committed to research, formulation, production, distribution and sale of vitamins, nutritional support drugs and other health products, generally functional foods. We specialize in manufacturing and importing functional food products to chains of distributors, retailers and consumers.

With an experienced team, we always bring the optimal solutions, suitable to the health needs of Vietnamese people. This, along with our commercial services, plays a key role in establishing Love Care Co., Ltd. into a leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of high-quality functional foods and vitamins. .

Love Care is pleased to cooperate with pharmacies and businesses to join hands in providing better health care for the community.