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Add success in the new year with 6 health memos

Do not drink much alcohol

The toast to every spring has become a tradition in every family. But you should try to limit the amount of alcohol and not let the drink become too much, easily cause exhaustion the next day, not to mention the constant drunkenness on the occasion of Tet can cause stomach or liver problems and your kidneys.

Ideally, you should only sip some champagne and wine when appetizing, both stimulate digestion and reduce excess fat effectively. You can drink one teaspoon of olive oil before drinking alcohol, which will limit the process of alcohol infiltration into the bloodstream and not get drunk. Drink more water to reduce alcohol from your body.

Do not try to shoulder the whole house

Vietnamese women have a tradition of sacrificing for their families, but that doesn’t mean you need to try to shoulder the huge mountain of work. If you need to prepare trays or feast for guests, try to avoid overly sophisticated dishes and evenly distribute tasks to each family member, since Tet is a time to rest and keep your head The mind becomes relaxed.

Choose the dress according to the weather

Sometimes, you are passionate about following the call of fashion and forget about the weather. Choose a nice outfit, but need to be comfortable and suitable for outdoor temperatures. Dressing in excessive cold braking or covering from head to toe in hot weather can cause sudden shocks and fever.

Get enough sleep and be reasonable

Tet is an extremely dangerous time for women to lose weight, because the schedule is inadequate, absorbing too much nutrition as well as neglecting physical training. So no matter how much you want to rest, at least pay attention not to stay up late and sleep, because getting enough sleep and punctuality is also a positive factor in keeping your body in shape. compact for you.

Pay attention to the amount of food absorbed

Banh chung, sticky rice, oily fried foods or fatty soup are easy to make you gain weight. Soak up vegetables, fruits, soup with frugal taste and cool aromatic teas to keep your body beautiful and avoid indigestion. Note that the amount of food you consume should not exceed 1900 calories per day.

Don’t forget to practice

Tet is a time for you to easily get into fun activities and gradually lose your exercise routine. This will form a bad habit and make it more difficult to return to practice. No need to exercise too hard, you just need to walk, climb stairs, stretch your body or practice simple yoga exercises and quickly return to the gym as soon as possible.

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