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Attention to the traditional New Year is full of health


Speaking of New Year’s day, of course, it is impossible to ignore traditional dishes such as meat stock, banh chung, banh tet, fried foods … However, these dishes are not good for the health of tall people. Age, people with heart disease, … So, reduce the amount of fat and add more delicious dishes made from green vegetables such as salad, vegetable soup to a meal that is not too full and full of fiber, vitamins good for health. You can also replace pork dishes with more digestible meats such as fish fillets and chicken meat so that the whole family does not worry about bloating during Tet.

Adding green vegetables in the menu on Tet holiday, not worrying about bloating and indigestion


Tet is a great occasion, so we don’t need to be too strict to force our people to sleep on time, eat and drink in moderation. However, continuously eating lots of greasy foods, jams and sweet foods along with staying up late will push your body to the limit, leading to fatigue, pimples and belly fat. So where is the optimal solution for the Tet holiday?

Detoxify the body, welcome the spring more fully!

Take advantage of the fruits available at home to make good detox drinks for the body. A cup of warm water with lemon in the morning will help you effectively remove the stomach, eliminating the toxins accumulated from the previous night. In addition, with a few strawberries, kiwi, oranges in the refrigerator, chopped and put into a full water bottle, you have immediately detox drink good skin beauty for the whole day. Watermelon juice is also very good for toxic waste, helping you add a deficiency of fiber and vitamins on Tet holiday.

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