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I have married my mother-in-law in this way!

Mom, sometimes it’s easy to conquer a difficult mother-in-law! I was also awkwardly clumsy but “living with my mother-in-law” was still loved and loved only by this little secret.

How do you understand it? Originally, when I was about to marry all my relationships, the outsider looked and admired even jealous of me. Listening to her husband, she found that her mother-in-law was very easy-going and more likely to live with two lovers who were supported by both her parents-in-law. However, when the wedding was finished, there were many problems arising.

I have married my mother-in-law in this way! first

I used to sleep in the past, but since getting married I have to wake up early to cook for the whole family. Too many tired days, I fell asleep, got up late and tried to go out to buy food. Yet all day, her mother-in-law glanced over and glanced at it, saying everything from food hygiene to “sun up with a pole”, then told me to be lazy. What I do is also noticed, from walking, talking, eating, and even furniture in my wife’s private room …

One day, I cleaned my table and broke the bowl that hit the first 2 months of the month. My mother-in-law swore at me, which was behind the scenes, then bad luck. Then, this month, unfortunately, happened at me. I just have to sit still. Then at the time of Bi’s life, every day my mother and I bumped into each other because we had to eat like this so hard that I was extremely tired.

But keep stressing the “mother-in-law bride” this forever. I decided to conquer the “grandmother of my child”.

Throughout the year, there was no story to be close to her, so she began to observe and pay more attention to her. Once I woke up early to go to the toilet, when I saw that she was combing her hair and complaining herself: “The hair is losing too much. Not much but bald. ”.

I am glad. The day before my best friend showed off her hair that had fallen out and regained its brilliance only by persisting in her hair. I asked immediately and bought her. She said, “Mom, I have a pharmacist friend who donated some boxes of bodhi and natural medicinal shampoo. Users also told the hair out of hair but also strong and thick. Please try it out. ”

I also hold my breath waiting for the results. Seeing her also difficult to patrol 2-3 times, the aroma of the aroma of aromatic leaves is very pleasant. The first week saw nothing, nothing was seen in week 2, and she did not complain about hair loss in the third week. Using more than 2 boxes starts with variables.

I woke up early that day to cook for the whole family as usual. But coming down to the kitchen, my mother-in-law is cooking. Seeing her smile, she said, “Well, I’ll go back to sleep, sometimes I’ll cook for some time and sleep.”

God, are you still dreaming? But I’m stupid and go to sleep. I am around to help her clean up and ask questions. It turned out that by using 3 herbal shampoo boxes, her hair was now lost, her hair began to grow up and she was happy. After she finished, she said, “I can buy you some more boxes, I will finish.” I just waited so it was clear.

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